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Her favorite pollinator is no longer buzzing around. Maybe she dates a cute apidae, or has a one-night stand with a colletidae. She considers going extinct, but the life-urge is too strong in her, and she learns to do it herself.

At the risk of introducing science into an otherwise charming strip, one commenter at the Why Evolution is True blog points out that: Like I said, I love XKCD, but a big part of its attraction is its reliance on science to make its points.

I like to have a password that I can type rapidly and that means that more often than not, the letters should alternate from being typed with my left hand to my right hand.

So, how can we write a program that quantifies this notion that the letters of the word alternate from hand to hand?

It was a cutesy long godzilla hockey-stick — “scary” to the unwary.

It’s easy to make a scary historical-looking temperature graph — so easy that the artist probably didn’t even know how.

If there are too many characters that need to be typed with my left hand or my right hand I feel like that really slows me down. I can’t imagine anyone not liking the strip, or at least not hating on it that much unless they’ve got a permanent ulcer or are nicknamed “Grouchy” like they’re one of the seven dwarfs.Today’s “Bee Orchid” strip is a lovely bit of writing and plays to Randall Munroe’s strengths: sweet and sciency.If so we’ll increase our score counter by 1 to indicate that we have found a pair of letters that alternates between hands.The elif clause is necessary because there are two ways a pair of letters might alternate left-right or right-left.

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