Intimidating entrance music

Some fighters just want to get the walk over with so they pick something and make their way to the cage.

But then there are those fighters who put a lot of thought into the songs they choose and how the make their entrance.

Ricky Vaughn came out of the bullpen, "Wild Thing" started cranking, the crowd went nuts and the opposing Yankees were visibly shaken by the crazy environment.

But I always create a special moment that I can remember and so can the fans.” Manny Pacquiao is a genuinely good-natured person.So instead of everyone else making fun of him, Nelson has poked fun at himself by walking out to Weird Al Yankovic’s “Fat.” But laugh all you want, if that right hand lands, you’re going to sleep.Mixed martial arts bouts are won in the cage, but the fighter entrances play a large part in getting the fighter in the right mindset to perform at the best of their abilities.Mike Tyson fought fifty-eight times in his twenty-year career.Chances are, you only remember a handful of those fights.

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