Jessie james dating reggie bush

I had the chance to speak with Jessie James Decker at last night's Lime-A-Rita Land event in New York City about her and Eric's relationship, how she feels about being an iconic couple and her involvement with the margarita brand.Someone set us up over the phone, we had a mutual friend.

“She has pulled in a few of her toys to play with in there, too.On Twitter — where Decker and James are extremely gushy — the singer denied dating or hooking up with Bush.Decker’s already had a better season in 2011 than his rookie year, but before you attribute it to the presence of James, remember, Matt Kemp of the Dodgers had a poor 2010 season (while dating Rihanna) and in 2011 he’s within striking distance of the Triple Crown (no Rihanna). With the reach of the Internet, anything athletes or coaches say goes viral in minutes.It's a label with rather regal fans like the Duchess of Cambridge, but we're not sure you'd catch Catherine in an uber tight, super short number like this one!Bodycon dresses have been big business for a while but they’re not going anywhere, so keep up with Kim by clicking the link (right) to buy her dress now at Net-a-Porter.

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