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So, obviously, this seemingly odd question about sex and language learning is not misplaced or incongruous somehow.

A team of Spanish and German researchers has recently demonstrated that sex and language learning activate the same area of the brain that eating chocolate, drinking alcohol or taking a bite out of a sweet strawberry do.

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Just a step closer, there would still be miles to cover though. As nice as it would have been to be in that big magazine, I said no thanks. This story, the story of language learning as essentially a magic potion that turns you into James Bond, is an appealing one. Because I honestly think the answer is , becoming a polyglot will not insta-solve your dating problems.The first polyglot I ever came across (who I tried to depict at the start of my first TEDx talk) amazed me. There is clearly a trick to it – you tell yourself – like sweet pick up lines that work on anyone, or things you can buy to flaunt (Porsche? A 128GB smartphone with an 8 megapixel camera and three-axis gyroscope? And for a short time, I genuinely thought that , would be it. I already knew that I wanted to travel for a few years when I had finally figured out how to learn my first foreign language (spoiler alert: speak the bloody language), and it seemed like I would get the added bonus of having any girls I meet instantly faint in my presence at how irresistibly sexy I would be if I were a. I would meet an interesting girl, and she’d be pretty friendly, and then I’d whip out my own linguistic version of a “muscle t-shirt” and starting flexing my language skills (at the time a solid 2 or 3 languages). Ben enjoys writing about network marketing, immigration and social issues, culture, travel and gastronomy. He is a Network Marketing and Digital Marketing professional with over 14 years of experience.

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