Phd vs updating knowledge

Rather, the purpose of these cognitive activities is to be prepared for the future.

In your application, we encourage you to describe your research interests as well as your desire to study with particular faculty in their application materials.If you wish to study educational topics outside those framed in the list above, we still encourage you to apply to earn your MA or Ph D because we want innovative thinkers among us.During the first semester, all students build a plan of study in consultation with their advisor(s).That is why we are in need of fundamentally different approaches, attitudes, as well as cognitive-/thinking-/knowledge-tools for tackling these issues of creating radically new knowledge in almost every field (of science, society, technology, everyday life, etc.).This course gives both a theoretical overview on the foundations of (philosophy of) science and a hands-on introduction into practicing science and, more specifically, the process of creating radically/profoundly new knowledge.

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